The Sarajevo School of Science and Technology was opened in October 2004 in Sarajevo as the first private University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To fulfill its mandate for excellence, SSST has put together an internationally educated and ambitious faculty, many of whose members come to us from the world's leading universities. The faculty is actively engaged in research projects within their fields, remaining at the forefront of their profession’s advances both in terms of research and innovative teaching methodology.

At SSST, they believe that a good degree, in any field, must also include a fluent knowledge of at least one foreign language. The University, just like most of the world today, has embraced English as a medium of communication with a full English language curriculum, but also provides additional courses in both English and German, mandatory for all students regardless of their academic field of study. In result, the quality of writing, speaking and presentation skills in English that students gain here is particularly high. German is a significant addition, given the importance this language holds in fields of politics, business,science and technology. Students are taught in smaller groups, and are given materials specific to their future professions. All courses involve the use of contemporary e-learning technologies and web resources.

The University employs one professor for every four students – the highest ratio in the region and wider – while our system of academic advising ensures that professors and teaching assistants are available for daily consultations and are charged with individual monitoring of each student's academic progress.

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English, German, Bosnian