The research stream “Future of Work” at Wi1 focusses on the influence and impact of digital technologies on workplaces, work processes, and the institutional organization of work. We typically explore the resulting organizational innovation and transformation in large-scale field experiments and try to answer questions such as:

  • How will digital technologies change work places and organizational settings as we know them?
  • How can organizations lead the digital transformation of their organizations?
  • Which concepts, methods and tools help us to design the future of work and the future of entrepreneurial organizational settings?

We, thus, contribute to a better understanding of the current digital transformation in organizations and markets.


The project CoCo focuses on social media in cooperatives and their role in connecting people and establishing valuable networks. A cooperative is an autonomous group of people who cooperate for their mutual benefit. Thus, the network is a cooperative’s essential asset. The project investigates how social media can support communication, collaboration and organizational culture, and identifies potentials and challenges of different social media strategies.



STARTIFY7 is a Horizon2020 project aimed at training young European future ICT entrepreneurs.This a challenging task, since existing European ICT entrepreneurship training initiatives are characterised by a general fragmentation and a lack of a ‘learning-by-doing’ training approach.



JOSEPHS® - The innovation laboratory is a project by the Fraunhofer IIS - Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS and the FAU Erlangen-Nurembergs' chair of Information Systems 1. Since March 2014, this open shop space in downtown Nuremberg invites visitors to co-create the future of services, products and business models.



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