WI1 doing Research together with Cambridge University

Julian Boha from Wi1 is currently visiting Cambridge University to do joint research for his PhD thesis together with the Cambridge Service Alliance. The research is about service ecosystems and the role of value propositions when engaging new actors into collaborative innovation.Thank you to everyone from the Cambridge Institute for Engineering and especially Florian Urmetzer who supports Julian Boha during this undertaking.


Strong presence of Wi1 at R&D Management Conference

A delegation of the chair Wi1 participated at this year’s R&D Management Conference held at Churchill College of Cambridge University. Albrecht Fritzsche presented the paper “Simplifying with Modularity: How Users Innovate when Making” of Hari Suman Naik and him. Stephan Eicher introduced the community to new findings regarding bootlegging with his literature review “What Literature Tells Us About Bootlegging”. Sascha Julian Oks contributed to the discussion on digitalization of industry ...


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