TitleComparative Exploration of Key Challenges in Customer Co-Design using Theories of Social Presence
Publication Type07. Book Chapters
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsThallmaier, S., & Habicht H.
EditorAlbach, H., Meffert H., Pinkwart A., & Reichwald R.
Book TitleManagement of Permanent Change
CityBerlin / Heidelberg

In the current times of more frequent crises and ever shortening innovation cycles, the management of change has become a crucial task of survival. While it is not a new topic in business research, the developments of the last decade have posed many new challenges for the change management of firms and organizations, and have thus also raised many new questions for academic research in business administration, which the present book turns to deepen. Its particular focus is on disruptive change including its driving forces as well as effective and sustainable management. This publication constitutes a collection of articles that discuss change and innovation processes across different sectors of the economy (industry, banking, and retail), the role of leadership and corporate governance for the effectiveness and sustainability of organizational change.