A delegation of Wi1 participated at this year’s RESER (European Association for Research on Service) conference held at University “Federico II” at Naples. The conference focus was to answer the question "What’s ahead in service research: new perspectives for business and society”. By this, the conference generated fruitful feedback for the research projects of four members of Wi1. Christofer Daiberl presented the paper “Approaches for Enhancing Productivity of Networked Service Delivery: A Review and Assessment”. Benedikt Höckmayr introduced new findings of his research by his paper about “Service Systems Engineering Triggered by Digitalization – Evidence from German Manufacturing SMEs”. This findings were based on the research project SmartDiF, which deals with the structured and systematic development of digital service systems. Stefan Wolpert contributed with his literature review about “Technology as a service enabler in retail environments”. Stefan Genennig presented the paper jointly written by Angela Roth, Julia Jonas, Kathrin M. Möslein and himself about “Innovation in Service Ecosystems - A Role Perspective”. Kathrin M. Möslein and Angela Roth were among the authors of the other papers as well. Besides the high quality exchange about service research topics, the RESER conference offered great opportunities for socializing with the community.