We are currently offering a master thesis on the topic of "Open Innovation platforms for engineering? Identification of prerequisites". Open engineering processes in the field of electronic systems (low-power, high-power) require, in many ways, specific prerequisites, which differ from the general forms of interaction that are used in traditional open innovation processes. In this thesis, a criteria have to be developed for the evaluation of existing engineering platforms, which are meant to be used in the main phase of this project. Potential criteria, which might be of relevance for this thesis, are the degree of openness (open, balanced, closed), media usage (online, offline, mixed-mode), competitiveness (collaborative, competitive, concurrent) or time structure (free, clocked or dynamic customizable).

Background: The project LZE (Leistungszentrum Elektroniksysteme) has the goal to expand the Nuremberg metropolitan region towards the leading centre for electronics systems in Germany with international impact. Project partners are the FAU, Fraunhofer IIS, Fraunhofer IISB and industry partners. The project is separated into four different pilot projects of which further information can be found at:


If you are interested, contact: julian.boha [at] fau.de